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Pitfalls of a Trucking Career

October 22, 2020

We work in a wonderful industry, from dispatchers to friendly faces you see at truck stops, we can all agree that this industry is full of great opportunities and great individuals. Some of us would not change careers for the world and like you have heard many truckers say before a trucking career is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle! And while there are endless pros to being a trucker, in this blog post we are going to go over some of the cons. In hopes to make readers aware and potentially avoid or better handle some of the pitfalls in your trucking career.



1. It can get lonely on the road

Driving long hours cross country can get tiring and lonely. You can only chat on the CB so much or listen to enough podcasts before you’re no longer mentally distracted. There will also be things that remind you of family members as you travel the country, and naturally, you will begin to miss them… This is a huge thing to consider when getting into the trucking industry. Can you handle it? Can you be away from your family for multiple weeks in a row? If not, this may not be the career for you. If you can handle it, consider using FaceTime or other video chat apps to keep in touch with your loved ones. We are also huge advocates here at Super T of bringing your pets on the road with you! This is one surefire way to help with missing your loved ones! Check out our blog about bringing your pup on the road and all you need to prepare yourself and your rig for the journey!


2. Hard to eat healthily

We all know the typical truck stop food is not necessarily the healthiest food on the planet. While they do make it very convenient to snag something quick while you are filling up, it’s smart to not always indulge in these options. Considering the fact that we sit for countless hours for our jobs as we drive cross country, it makes eating healthy even more important to our health. An option to get around this is planning ahead. Know where you are going to be stopping along your route and have some healthier options already picked out so you don’t have to worry about it while you’re driving.


3. Exercising can be hard

Getting a good workout in while you’re on your route can be a hard thing to do. Even if you have read our staying fit on the road blog and have plans to get your exercise in while on the road, sometimes the weather or your schedule will make it near impossible to get out of your truck for enough time to get your blood moving and heart rate up.

4. Funky sleep schedules

Working against the clock can make it hard to get on a normal sleeping schedule, we have loads to deliver and a timeline to deliver them by. If you can’t live without sleeping in, this may not be the career for you. You may only have a few hours to get some shut-eye and back on the road. You will quickly learn to love and cherish the little cat naps you can grab here and there. For some, this is no big deal but for others this can be a deal-breaker. After all, when you are working against the clock, sometimes you have no other option but to push through.


5. Dealing with stressful weather conditions

There is no doubt about it that driving across the country, you get to see it ALL in terms of weather. This can bring on high levels of stress which really wear on your mind and body. Sure you can know all there is to know about driving in various weather conditions, however, that usually doesn’t make driving in these conditions any less stressful. If you want more knowledge on driving in different weather conditions, check out our winter trucking and summer trucking blogs!

While this may seem sort of like a doom and gloom blog post, the main idea behind it is to shed light on some of the pitfalls we see in our industry. We still love what we do and highly encourage getting into this lifestyle changing industry. If you’ve read this post and think you are up for the hurdles we face in our industry, take the next step and apply to drive with Super T Transport today!