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person wearing the safety belt in a car

Top defensive driving techniques that put you in control

Even though driving has become somewhat of a routine for many, it’s probably one of the most dangerous tasks you’ll do during your day. Therefore, knowing and applying the proper defensive driving techniques becomes critical to ensure safety on the roads for yourself and other drivers.    Many other drivers on the road may not […]
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mosaic of multicolored construction helmets

Truck driver injury prevention 101 

Driving a truck can become a hazardous endeavor, not just because of possible accidents on the road but also because of other risks of injury drivers face during the normal course of their day. Truck drivers face the risk of injury even doing the most normal tasks like getting onto the vehicle, putting on safety […]
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4 Reasons you need a semi truck refrigerator today!

Being comfortable on the road makes all the difference when you’re transporting freight across the country for days or weeks at a time. Having a semi truck refrigerator can be the key to your comfort and success because it will save you time, money, and stress while you are away from home.   Here are 4 reasons you need a refrigerator in your […]
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4 Most Dangerous Weather & Road Conditions for Truck Drivers

Driving across the United States is no easy task. Drivers travel through many states and experience all kinds of weather conditions. It takes experience, skills, and patience to prevent and avoid accidents along the way, deliver cargo on time, and maintain the truck driver’s integrity.    Most Dangerous Weather & Road Conditions   As long-haul truck drivers […]
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cars on a snowy highway

5 Winter Driving Tips 

Driving is a dangerous task in general; inclement weather is an additional hazard that is difficult to avoid.  Therefore, drivers must consider the following winter driving tips to maintain their safety and avoid any issues on the road.    As the colder weather approaches, its vital drivers consider the possibly dangerous situations that they may face. When driving in bad weather conditions, it’s all about staying focused, with your eyes on the road, remaining calm, […]
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speed limit sign

Pros and Cons of governed truck speed limit 

Speed limiters continue to be a debate between groups that are all for it and those entirely against it. There are many things to consider when discussing speed limiters, but the common concept is that slower speeds decrease the chances of accidents on the road. While that may seem completely logical, as it’s been debated, […]
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red truck

What is PrePass for trucks and why does it matter? 

As truck drivers, one of your main goals will always be to transport the shipment you’re in charge of safely and comply with the scheduled delivery time since these are two essential aspects that can make or break a customer experience. Therefore, finding ways of making delivery times possible is always welcome. Here’s where PrePass comes in […]
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Top 7 Safety Tips for Truck Drivers 

In the trucking business, safety must be a priority. Not only is it mandated by the government but it also impacts every aspect of what we do. From on-time delivery and ensuring the supply chain, to getting drivers home safe to their families, we should never settle or relax our safety standards.   Why is safety […]
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truck seen from the distance

Taking advantage of the 30-minute rest break during your hours of service

Keeping track of your hours of service can be hard. But, as every OTR driver should know, drivers must take their 30-minute off-duty break sometime within 8 hours of driving. If the driver does not take this break, he will not be able to continue traveling. The violation of this rule occurs when the driver continues to […]
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Simple tips to Increase comfort with truck driver accessories

Driving for extended periods can cause you many issues involving health and overall well-being. Using the right truck driver accessories allows you to take matters into our own hands; and there are many tips and accessories  you can use to make your ride safer and more enjoyable. Making your truck comfortable will allow you to be more […]
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