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Taking advantage of the 30-minute rest break during your hours of service

Keeping track of your hours of service can be hard. But, as every OTR driver should know, drivers must take their 30-minute off-duty break sometime within 8 hours of driving. If the driver does not take this break, he will not be able to continue traveling. The violation of this rule occurs when the driver continues to […]
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Simple tips to Increase comfort with truck driver accessories

Driving for extended periods can cause you many issues involving health and overall well-being. Using the right truck driver accessories allows you to take matters into our own hands; and there are many tips and accessories  you can use to make your ride safer and more enjoyable. Making your truck comfortable will allow you to be more […]
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3 Ways to Improve your Body Posture.

Driving for extended periods while trying to maintain a perfect body posture is a complicated task. It’s normal for any truck driver to want to move around, change body positions, and search for the most comfortable one.   Nowadays, trucks are built with proper seats created to help the driver feel comfortable and safe during his shift. But […]
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CBD oils

CBD Oil and the Professional Driver

These days CBD oil is everywhere and being touted as the new “wonder drug” to reduce inflammation, chronic pain, anxiety, depression improve heart health and even acne. With all the benefits many people, including professional drivers, are drawn to the supplement to help with everyday ailments. As we know, driving a truck for extended periods […]
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9 Tips to Prepare for the CVSA Roadcheck

What is CVSA Roadcheck?   The CVSA Roadcheck is the most extensive targeted enforcement program on commercial motor vehicles conducted in the US. During this 72-hour event, inspectors certified by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) that are authorized to inspect Canada, the US, and Mexico conduct initiatives geared towards protecting drivers and vehicles. This event lasts three days, […]
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Life of a Truck Driver: Making the most out of your home time

Let’s face it, the life of a  truck driver is hard work! From the countless hours behind the wheel to chaining up to watch the road close, not to mention the crazy “4 wheelers” going too fast then slamming on their breaks because they are not paying attention, trucking is HARD work! That’s why it’s so important to make […]
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Pitfalls of a Trucking Career

We work in a wonderful industry, from dispatchers to friendly faces you see at truck stops, we can all agree that this industry is full of great opportunities and great individuals. Some of us would not change careers for the world and like you have heard many truckers say before a trucking career is not […]
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Bringing Your Pup On The Road

Driving those long hours through the night can be lonely as a trucker in America. You can only listen to so many podcasts and talk to so many fellow truckers on the CB until you are ready for some real companionship. That’s why many truckers elect to bring their dogs on the road with them. […]
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Operation Safe Driver Week 2020

This year’s CVSA Operation Safe Driver Week is scheduled for July 12-18. Despite the pandemic, safety initiatives like Safe Driver week remain in place to raise awareness to safe driving practices and to help identify carriers and drivers that are at risk for accidents due to unsafe driving and equipment violations. There are not a […]
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How to become a trucker

Becoming a truck driver can seem daunting at first, but if you follow the steps we have outlined here, you will be on the road truckin’, makin’ money in no time! See why many join this wonderful industry and never want to get out. It is a money-making career that will have great benefits for […]
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