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Bringing Your Pup On The Road

August 1, 2020

Driving those long hours through the night can be lonely as a trucker in America. You can only listen to so many podcasts and talk to so many fellow truckers on the CB until you are ready for some real companionship. That’s why many truckers elect to bring their dogs on the road with them. Having a best friend pup on the road with you can help in many ways other than just satisfying your loneliness. Bringing a pup on the road has proven to make drivers happier, safer, and more productive!

Some companies do not allow you to bring a furry friend on the road with you, however, there are many pet-friendly companies. Did we mention, we are SUPER pet friendly here at Super T Transport?! Although be prepared to pay a pet deposit with most companies to cover extra cleaning or any damages your dog might do to the truck while on the road. It is important to make sure your pup can hang on the road before even venturing into this. Get them used to your truck and make sure they enjoy it before trekking out on a cross country trip.

Is your dog a “truckin’ pup?”

  • Are they potty trained?
  • Can they endure long hours on the road?
  • Do they need constant attention?
  • Are they leash trained?
  • Can they get in and out of the truck on their own
  • Are they aggressive?

A well trained dog can alleviate a lot of issues while on the road. So before you pay a pet deposit make sure you dog will do well in your trucking lifestyle.


Dog Proof Your Rig

  • Make sure you give your rig a look over to make sure there isn’t anything that sticks out that might tempt a pup to chew on or play with. For your dog’s safety and the safety of your truck as well. (we want to make sure you get your pet deposit back, after all).
  • Seat covers are a great idea to protect your seats against any damage a dog can naturally cause. Like claw marks, hair, drool, and dirt. It’s also a good idea to keep window wipes handy so you can get the smears of their nose off the windows when it gets bad.
  • Have a safe, designated spot for your paperwork, somewhere your pups muddy paws won’t accidentally get on.
  • Make sure you have a safe spot to keep food, snacks, and treats. This will ensure your pup doesn’t get into any mischief while you are unloading or out of the truck briefly.


Things to Pack

  • Bring treats on the road, just like we get “snacky” on road trips, I’m sure dogs do as well. Bring a bag of treats to give them from time to time.
  • Bring bowls (2) one for water & one for food, so you can keep them fed & hydrated each time you take a break or stop for fuel.
  • Does your pup have a favorite blanket or dog bed? Bring it along, this will give the pup a sense of comfort in their own space. If you are traveling through colder climates, it’s smart to bring a heated blanket, both for yourself and your pup!
  • Feel like you’re packing for a child yet? Don’t forget toys!! Make sure you’re scheduling some longer stops to get your pup out of the truck and a little exercise. Bring some toys or a ball to throw for them so they can expend some energy. A chew toy is also a good idea to occupy them on the road.
  • Some states require special paperwork for animals to travel through. Make sure you get a Certified Veterinary Inspection before hitting the road and keep this paperwork handy in case you need it at any state lines.
  • Lastly, make sure you bring a leash and doggy bags to clean up after them.

Seek out dog parks and other pet-friendly places to stop along your route before you leave. This ensures you always have an activity during your breaks that you both can be included in. BringFido is a great website that locates pet-friendly places to stay, eat, or just hang out at, it’s also great for finding vets or groomers in your area. This app is a must-have for truckers on the road with dogs!

This list of things may seem like a lot, after all, dogs are a big responsibility. , I think you will find that most truckers who do bring their pups on the road with them, will say it is 1,000% worth it! Dogs are certainly best friends to all human beings and they make life much more enjoyable. We hope you found some value in this post and we truly hope you make the decision.