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9 Tips to Prepare for the CVSA Roadcheck

April 20, 2021

What is CVSA Roadcheck?  

The CVSA Roadcheck is the most extensive targeted enforcement program on commercial motor vehicles conducted in the US. During this 72-hour event, inspectors certified by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) that are authorized to inspect Canada, the US, and Mexico conduct initiatives geared towards protecting drivers and vehicles. This event lasts three days, and CVSA inspectors check on compliance, work on enforcement and, conduct educational activities to keep drivers informed. 

Sidenote: Nearly 15 trucks or buses inspected, on average, every minute across North America for 72 hours.  

That’s why it’s crucial to have everything up to date and ready to avoid any issues during this event.   

When will CVSA Roacheck take place?  

This year, International Roacheck will take place from May 4th until May 6th.   

What will the focus of this year’s International Roadcheck be?  

Every year the focus of the inspection changes. This year (2021), the focus is on Hours of Service and Lighting.   

Here are nine tips to prepare for the International Roadcheck: 

There are many things to consider regarding HOS and Lighting, but here are some primary tips that will help avoid any issues and allow your road check to be headache-free.  

  1. Proactive vehicle maintenance.   
  2. Driver readiness.  
  3. Good attitude and professionalism. It’s normal to feel frustrated when being stopped on the road, but if everything is up-to-date and ready, it won’t take long, and you’ll be safe during your travels.   
  4. Have your documentation ready: ELD, Commercial driver’s license, medical certificate (including waivers), Proof of periodic inspection documentation, all load-related paperwork, including bill of lading, and emergency response information (for hazmat shipments).   
  5. Understand and follow the HOS.  
  6. Always fill out your load information on your elog.   
  7. Only use Personal Conveyance for personal transit and always include a detailed note.  
  8. Complete a thorough Pre-Trip and Post-Trip Inspection DAILY and notify the shop immediately if there are any equipment issues.  
  9. Conduct an on-road inspection, at least every 3 hours (or 150 miles), since rocks or any other material can easily damage lights.   

Why is the focus HOS and Lighting?  

During the 2020’s CVSA road check, many vehicles were placed out of service due to problems with their HOS. The other main vehicle violations were on brake systems, lights, and cargo securement. Considering the number of trucks that violated these essential aspects, the priority is to focus on them and avoid any HOS and lighting violations.   


Following these main tips, you will be prepared for this year’s CVSA roadcheck, which will allow you to have a seamless experience during the inspection and continue driving your truck safely.   


Want to know what a standard road check looks like? Check out the following link for a detailed description.