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Simple tips to Increase comfort with truck driver accessories

July 20, 2021

Driving for extended periods can cause you many issues involving health and overall well-being. Using the right truck driver accessories allows you to take matters into our own hands; and there are many tips and accessories  you can use to make your ride safer and more enjoyable. Making your truck comfortable will allow you to be more efficient, feel better, and avoid any health issues related to bad posture or being behind the wheel all day.   

Even though there are many things you can do to make your ride more enjoyable, one of the most critical elements to the entire equation comes down to you. The ride will be comfortable depending on how you’re feeling. If you’re tired, sleepy, tense, or any other negative feeling, you’ll probably still feel uncomfortable.   

An essential tip, one of the most important ones, is stretching and doing some exercises. This will help you feel better and avoid any health issues that come with sedentary behaviors. Stretching and slightly changing positions every hour will help you avoid aches and pains or feeling stiff. 

Tips to increase comfort in your truck with truck driver accessories 

What are other elements or accessories you can incorporate into your routine to feel comfortable in your truck? Let’s discuss a few: 

1. Improve your posture. 

Being conscientious about your posture can take some getting used to. But it’s just a matter of really being conscious about your body and how it feels as the hours go by. Having a good posture will allow you to feel comfortable and avoid any health issues that can arise from the wrong positioning of your body. Something so simple can sometimes be easy to forget, we know! Set some alarms that will remind you to stretch, sit up, and avoid slouching.   

A vital element to improving your posture, it he way you position, this helps you avoid back issues and general discomfort. Your seat should be adjusted forward to a point where you don’t have to completely stretch your arms or legs. The chair’s height is also crucial since it will provide you with the visibility you require to drive safely. The back of your knees must not be touching the chair; there must be a little space to avoid circulation issues.   

Even though seats are built with ergonomics in mind, there are always ways to improve the overall experience. One of the accessories you can add to your chair is a lumbar support cushion, hopefully, one with memory foam that can help you alleviate any pain you’re experiencing.   

2. Maintain a steady temperature.  

Temperature is something that can cause significant discomfort. Look for a temperature that doesn’t make you feel cold or sweaty; try to find an in-between. Changing the temperature too often can affect your health. If it’s too cold, your body will start to tighten up, and your nose can become stuffy. Avoid these symptoms easily by constantly trying to regulate your truck’s temperature. Additionally, you may add a fan to improve air circulation when your truck is parked and not idling.   

3. Clean your space. 

Having a clean space increases your overall mood. Having everything in its place and avoiding clutter also allows you to be more efficient during your work hours. Leaving empty bottles around can also be dangerous. What if a bottle slips under the brake pedal? You won’t be able to stop your vehicle. Another benefit to a clean truck is improved or reduced interactions with DOT. DOT officers respond better to a tidy truck and driver. They are more likely to inspect a truck or driver if their truck appears cluttered or dirtyCleaning your space regularly will avoid these kinds of issues.  

With the amount of paperwork, you have to handle, it’s essential to consider including an accordion file folder to keep everything in one place and avoid losing any important documentation. Another accessory for a clean space could be sterilite drawers to keep your bits and pieces organized, which could be tucked neatly into the truck cupboard or closet. 

4. Add a seatbelt cover. 

Another essential accessory you can add to your truck is a seatbelt cover. Not using a seatbelt is not an option. Even though it can sometimes be uncomfortable, especially when driving long distances, seatbelts must be fastened during the entire ride. Seatbelt covers allow you to feel comfortable and avoid it chafing against your collarbone.  Most seatbelt covers will also double as a lap belt cover if you find that the belt across your stomach is causing you pain or discomfort.  

5. Use a cellphone mount.  

We know that cellphones are allies on the road when used properly. Instead of having to handle it and take your hands off the steering wheel, use a cellphone mount to check on your phone when required and under safe conditions.  

A cellphone mount we recommend is the Steelie Original Nite Ize, it will allow you to mount and view your device wherever you need it in an instant. It gives you the opportunity to drive safely while still having the chance to view your phone if required. 


Following these five simple tips and recommendations will help you feel more comfortable during your rides and, most importantly, avoid any health issues associated with bad posture or wrong positioning of your body in general. Implementing these simple changes and adding these accessories to your truck will allow you to feel better and be more productive during your shift.